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Legend’s Gutter Services

Top Gutter Installation & Repair Services in Birmingham

If there’s ever an iconic picture of home maintenance, it’s a homeowner on a ladder taking care of their gutters. But maintaining and repairing your gutters is not nearly as easy as you might think. It’s about far more than just picking out the foliage. Lucky for you, Legend provides gutter repair and replacement gutter services, including the best gutter guard installation, which ensures that your gutters stay cleaner longer than anyone else’s in the neighborhood.

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Legend Windows Gutter Replacement & Installation Birmingham, AL
Legend Windows Gutter Replacement & Installation Birmingham, AL

Gutter Guard Installation & Maintenance Services

Here in Birmingham, gutters get clogged regardless of the season. The leaves in our Tree City, along with wind and rain, only exacerbate the problem. But the problems can also get far worse than a few clogs. During the spring and fall especially, damp debris along the gutters is a petri dish for seeds taking root and critters hatching. Once clogs and critters grow out of control, it can seem impossible to reverse the problem. Legend Windows offers real solutions. Along with general inspections and gutter cleaning services, we install gutter guards that can mitigate or even eliminate the risk of big problems.

Legend Windows Gutter Replacement Birmingham, AL
Legend Windows Gutter Installation Birmingham, AL

Protect Your Gutters with Legend's Seamless Gutter Guard Installation

The gutter guard is a life-changing design that prevents clogged gutters and eliminates the need for frequent cleaning. Legend’s gutter guards direct rain into your gutters while keeping debris out. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about size, shape, or style, because Legend offers gutter guards in either 5” or 6”. Countless gutter guards exist out in the world today. However, regardless of what kind of gutters your home has, Legend’s team can install gutter guards that fit seamlessly with your home and roof.

Gutter Installation & Repair Services FAQs

Why are gutters important for my home?
Gutters play a crucial role in directing rainwater away from your home's foundation and landscaping. Properly functioning gutters help prevent water damage, erosion, basement flooding, and other structural issues that can be expensive to repair.
When should I consider installing new gutters?
Consider installing new gutters when you experience frequent leaks, visible rust, sagging or improper pitch, or if your current gutters are outdated and no longer effectively channeling water. Additionally, if you're renovating or adding to your home, it's a good time to install new gutters.
What types of gutters are available, and which is the best for my home?
There are various types of gutters, including sectional, seamless, and different materials like aluminum, steel, copper, and vinyl. The best type for your home depends on factors such as climate, budget, aesthetics, and maintenance preferences. Seamless aluminum gutters are popular due to their durability, cost-effectiveness, and customization options.
How often should gutters be cleaned and maintained?
Gutters should be cleaned and maintained at least twice a year, typically in the spring and fall. However, if you have many trees around your property, more frequent cleaning may be necessary. Regular maintenance involves removing debris, checking for leaks, inspecting hangers and brackets, and ensuring proper water flow.
Can I repair my gutters, or should I hire a professional?
Simple gutter repairs, like resealing leaks or reattaching loose brackets, can be done by homeowners with basic DIY skills. However, for more complex issues such as major leaks, significant damage, or replacement needs, it's advisable to hire a professional gutter repair service. Professionals have the expertise and tools to ensure the repairs are done correctly and efficiently.

Legend Windows: The Name You Can Trust

At Legend Windows, we always place your needs above all else—ensuring your happiness throughout the entire installation process. Our installers have years of experience and are dedicated to helping you create a home you love, one window, door, gutter, and siding installation at a time. To schedule a free consultation, call us at (205) 568-1357 today.

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