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The Top Trends in Window Design for 2023

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Spring is ending, and summertime is finally starting to break through the clouds. Where there’s warmer weather, there’s sunshine! But let’s be honest. We don’t all have the luxury to frolic outside this summer every time it’s nice out. Luckily, with these window trends of 2023, you can bring summertime sunshine to your home office, bedroom, and more with Legend Windows!

This year, window trends focus more on comfort and functionality with a modern twist. From industrial inspired floor to ceiling windows to unique window shapes, each design is simplistic and complements the home's aesthetic. Let’s look at some windows you may notice in your area in 2023.


The industrial style is nothing new, but it’s becoming a lot more common for homeowners. Traditionally led with exposed architectural elements such as brick, cement, or steel, this design has started to accentuate windows luxuriously. Industrial-style windows are typically found in lofts or office buildings, where the floor-to-ceiling windows can be showcased and match the other architectural designs.

Windows that feature this design usually have a large metal or wood frame around them, allowing natural, warm light to shine through. At Legend Windows, our picture window offerings make for the best opportunity to incorporate this sleek and modern window design.

Statement Windows

In today’s home design world, windows are no longer just used for letting in the sunshine. Homeowners are utilizing statement windows to accentuate their walk-in showers and create an uninterrupted sightline to various rooms—putting a whole new meaning to the term “open floor plan.”

Statement windows are usually found in more minimalist homes and are accented with materials like tile, wood, marble, or concrete. The overall goal for this form of window installation is to showcase the small details and expensive appliances instead of hiding them behind a wall or door. The professionals at Legend Windows are always up for an innovative new window installation project, which is why we’re the ideal team to install windows in otherwise unusual places in your home. 

Matching Interior Window Trim

With DIY home improvement projects taking a front-row seat in homes across the country, it’s only natural that unexpected ideas and designs begin to emerge. People across the country are introducing monochromatic color schemes that include your windows. Many homeowners enjoy the uninterrupted look as your eye scans through a room—creating a seamless view and a space that feels larger than it is. With matching window trim, you can customize your windows to have the same color as the paint on your walls.

When you work with Legend Windows, we can make this vision come to life with our double-hung window options. Though you can paint your window trim independently, our professionals can always work with our suppliers to provide one-of-a-kind aluminum window trim colors. No more chipped paint or excessive projects that leave you feeling overwhelmed!

Window Shapes

Bring a modern aspect to traditional design with untraditional window shapes! Circles, ovals, arches, diamonds, and more can all add a touch of personality and flare to your home. By incorporating a unique window shape, you can quickly elevate a space and create a focal point for the room. Whether you’re looking to incorporate a circular window into your breakfast nook or want a more dramatic flare in your bedroom, the professionals at Legend Windows are Birmingham’s expert specialty window installers.

Window Replacement & Installation in Birmingham, AL

Legend Windows is the name you can trust and count on for elevated window replacement and installation services in Birmingham, AL. With our vast window options and exceptional customer service, you can quickly jump on the window trend train! We offer our clients free quotes, countless financial options, and a fuel-savings pledge to ensure each window size and style fits your liking and within your budget.

What are you waiting for? Let the sunshine brighten your living space today by contacting Legend Windows at (205) 953-6784. We can’t wait to hear from you and assist in creating the home of your dreams with new, energy-efficient windows.