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Thankful for Natural Light with Casement & Awning Windows

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Even though the Alabama heat is dwindling down and winter cold fronts are upon us, the sunshine can still make the day feel warmer than it is. If you’re anything like our customers, you enjoy letting in the fresh air any chance you can get—and your windows shouldn’t stop you. At Legend Windows we offer casement and awning windows that allow you to enjoy the crisp morning air and embrace the Alabama weather in its full effect year round. 

At Legend Windows, we offer our clients a variety of windows to choose from, but casement and awning windows provide the comfort of swinging open the windows at any angle. In this blog, you’ll discover everything these unique windows have to offer and how Legend Windows can help install them for you.

What are Casement and Awning Windows?

Casement and awning windows allow you to open the window in any direction—the ideal solution for bringing the outdoors in. Casement windows open from left to right, while awning windows open vertically. The ability to swing windows open at varying angles expands upon the ability to control the size of the opening. The angle of the opening allows you to control for elements such as rain, wind, and outdoor noise. 

Windows as specific as these require quality craftsmanship and accurate installation. The trim lines and molding must sync perfectly with adjoining windows and the home as a whole, not to mention need more than cursory hanging. Thankfully, the professionals at Legend Windows understand the intricate details that go into properly installing casement and awning windows.

Do you Need Casement Windows?

If you have windows that are worn out, warping, or even showing signs of rot, then this is a strong indicator that you need to get them replaced. Wooden window frames especially can be difficult for you to keep in good condition given the unpredictable weather Alabama offers. The trouble is, when you have rot that has set in, it can be hard for you to halt the decay and then stay on top of it.

In instances like this, you may want to invest in some new casement or awning windows. Old or inefficient windows can also have a huge impact on your home’s insulation and your energy bills. By replacing them, you can avoid a lot of the wastage that comes with having bad windows.

Benefits of Casement Windows

The great thing about casement windows is that they are incredibly versatile. When it comes to property improvement, casement windows are a fantastic choice as they are designed to suit almost any style of property. They can also be tailored to an exact size and you have a number of color finishes to choose from too.

Fixed pane windows are known for giving you the best level of insulation as well as giving you a lot of energy efficiency, that being said, casement windows are not far behind at all. Every casement window is sealed, and this is because the sash presses against the frame. This creates an airtight seal when it has been closed, leaving your HVAC bill intact year round.

How We Can Help with your Windows

We understand more than anyone that getting a window replacement done can be a difficult process. That is why we offer a wide range of casement and awning windows, as well as window repair services. We have years of experience in the industry, so you can trust us to not only meet your expectations but also exceed them. If you’re ready for a combination of elegance and nonchalance, casement and awning window installation is for you.

Whatever your vision for casement and awning windows, Legend Windows can make it come to life. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and start picking out your new windows.