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NYE Resolutions to Modernize Your Home

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The New Year is a time for reflection and resolutions. Whether you’re trying to be more mindful of how much television you watch or the amount of money you spend on frivolous items, one thing’s for certain, the New Year brings out the best in all of us. With new goals and dreams being planned, it’s the perfect time to take inventory on the home renovations you’ve been putting off. From new front doors to window replacements, Legend Windows is here to make those upgrades painless and simple.

Take a look at the interior and exterior of your home. Do you see disheveled gutters? Feel a draft when standing near the kitchen windows? Is the front door sealant breaking loose? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, it’s the perfect time to make some repairs. At Legend Windows, we understand your budget may not be enough to make every change you’ve been planning, but starting with one major problem area can make all the difference.

Door & Window Upgrades

When your windows and doors don’t fully seal properly and let in a draft, you’re losing money left and right on your heating and cooling bill. The outside air finds its way into your home and affects the way your HVAC system functions, forcing it into overdrive. By replacing these features with window replacement and door installation from Legend Windows, you not only save money on your bills, but invest in your property for years to come.

Additionally, you can sleep soundly at night knowing you have enhanced home security and safety. Windows and doors that don’t open easily or are painted shut are a large safety hazard. From house fires to burglaries, having a simple escape option can be the difference between dangerous outcomes and your family’s wellbeing.

Gutter Upgrades

Move water away from your home by replacing old and outdated gutters. Blocked and clogged gutters will expose your home to potential leaks and foundational damage if not taken care of quickly. When you leave your gutters to fend for themselves, damp debris can make this small space a breeding ground for seeds to take root and critters to hatch. Thankfully, the professionals at Legend Windows offer gutter installation and repair services to the Birmingham area.

Whether you haven’t touched your gutters since last spring or the winter weather has taken its toll on your gutters, our repair, replacement, and gutter guard services will have your home working in pristine order in no time. 

Siding Upgrades

We’ve all been there—you notice the exterior of your home doesn’t quite compliment the aesthetic you once loved and it’s cracking in certain places. Replacing your siding can quickly fall to the wayside as more important home improvements arise. But when you replace your siding with Legend Windows, you’re receiving unparalleled knowledge and installation from Birmingham’s top vinyl siding provider.

Acknowledging your siding needs repair or replacement is the first step to feeling accomplished with your New Year's resolutions. Painted in bold colors or sophisticated neutrals, vinyl installation ensures your home has the curb appeal you’ve always wanted. Increase the resale value, protect you outside elements, and improve energy efficiency when you upgrade your siding with Legend Windows.

Make Home Changes in the New Year

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter whether you intend to do a full home renovation or you only have the budget for one task at a time. So long as you take a look at that to-do list for the year and start to check things off. Legend Windows can assist you in each of your window, door, siding, and gutter replacements to keep your home in good health. If you’re ready to be proactive this year and make a change, the professionals at Legend Windows are here to help.

A Family-Oriented Company in Birmingham

With over 25 years of experience, Legend Windows is proud to serve Birmingham, AL and the surrounding areas with exceptional window, door, siding, and gutter repair and installation. Our professionals are highly skilled in boosting curb appeal, improving your energy efficiency, and protecting your home. Take this new year as an opportunity to make the changes you’ve been putting off. Contact Legend Windows today to schedule your appointment.