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4 Ways Replacement Windows Improve Your Home Security

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Home security is no joking matter. From technologically advanced doorbells and motion-activated floodlights to security cameras and firearm protection, homeowners take safeguarding themselves and their loved ones seriously. However, there’s an additional element that can be used to separate you from an accident at home—your windows.

Whether you live in a modern, new-construction home or a 100-year-old farmhouse that could use some TLC, a window replacement may be the best solution to maintain your peace of mind. Let’s take a look at how you can ensure a safe space both night and day by entrusting your window replacement to the professionals at Legend Windows.

Improve Your Home Security in Birmingham, AL 

We love a home with endless amounts of natural light—floor-to-ceiling windows that line the walls from front to back. But it’s important to consider window security when purchasing a home or replacing your windows. Window replacements can increase your home’s energy efficiency and value, but they can also help you sleep at night, knowing you and your family are protected from intruders.

Window Designs Deter Intruders

There isn’t just one standard window anymore. Now there are a variety of window styles that offer unique forms of functionality and different levels of security. Before you hire a professional to install your replacement windows, be sure to do your research on which style and size are right for your home.

  • Picture Windows: Since these windows don’t open and are usually built with double- or triple-pane glass, these are the most secure option. The only way to enter through a picture window is literally through it (breaking the glass), which isn’t something most intruders are keen on doing.
  • Casement & Awning Windows: These windows pull closed against the frame and latch in place. Because the lock is attached directly to the frame, it’s almost impossible to force it open from the outside.

At Legend Windows, we also offer double-hung windows and sliding windows, both of which provide extensive protection and security for your home. If you’re unsure which option best suits your home’s aesthetic and needs, our team will happily answer any questions you may have. Just give us a call at (205) 953-8072 to get started.

Updated Glass Reduces Risk of Break-Ins

A majority of homeowners are afraid that burglaries happen when an intruder smashes a window to get in. Contrary to popular belief, the Department of Justice explains that most criminals actually prefer to avoid unnecessary noise—this includes breaking the window. But, if the thought still looms and you’re convinced you need bulletproof glass, we’re here to ease your concerns.

Windows that feature untreated glass will shatter into pieces with very little effort. Thankfully, the glass on modern windows is structured differently. Most windows feature two or three panes of glass, making them much more impact resistant. Typically when the glass breaks on double- and triple-pane glass, it remains in place rather than breaking into a bunch of tiny pieces.

Glazing Technology

If you’re looking for an added sense of security, requesting a glaze on your window glass could be the solution you’ve been looking for. By asking for a reflective or tinted coating on your replacement windows, you can experience an increase in privacy. Now, you’ll be able to see the great outdoors and still experience the warmth of the sunlight, but passersby won’t be able to sneak a peak inside.

Reinforced Frames Remain Durable

Older window frames are made out of wood and vinyl. While these materials hold up well, there are more impact-resistant materials available. Introducing aluminum and fiberglass. These durable window options can be more costly, but you’re paying for that added sense of security. Additionally, aluminum and fiberglass are powder-coated, preventing them from warping, rusting, rotting, or corroding. This means you can expect your window to last up to 30 years with proper maintenance and care. Talk about getting a bang for your buck!

Improved Locks Bring You Peace of Mind

New-aged windows not only come equipped with upgraded materials and glass but locks as well. A window is nothing without a lock to keep unwanted intruders out. Thankfully, the Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association (BHMA) and the America National Standards Institute (ANSI) have a certified grading system to help you determine the strength of a lock. 

  • Grade 1: For heavy-duty commercial and high-security residential use
  • Grade 2: For medium-duty residential and commercial use
  • Grade 3: For light-duty residential use

The type of lock that will come on your replacement window depends on the design of your chosen window. For example, on casement windows, you’ll usually find folding locks, and on double-hung windows, you’ll find a latch lock. While both options are safe for your securing your home, you do have additional options to increase protection, including:

  • Keyed locks: Mounted on the window frame, these locks require a key to open or close the window.
  • Bar locks: These are adjustable security bars that keep the window from opening when in place.
  • Track locks: Designed to sit in the track of your windows and sliding doors for maximum peace of mind.

Before you purchase your replacement windows, be sure to discuss your options with a Legend Windows professional. We’ll walk you through your options and discuss the safety level of each. 

Add Window Sensors For Additional Security

If you’ve recently had a window replacement and are still concerned about safety and security, we recommend investing in a window sensor system. These operate similarly to smart-technology door locks in that you control them from an app or with a digital code. A window sensor is designed to alert you of an intruder (and, with some systems, can automatically notify the authorities) by sounding a loud alarm when the window is opened. These are the perfect solution for added security, especially if you’re home alone or have children in the house.

Purchase Your Replacement Windows From Legend Windows

At Legend Windows, we offer a variety of replacement windows for homeowners in the Birmingham, AL, area and beyond. We customize each window service to meet your specific requests and overall needs, ensuring that the windows our professionals install are up to your standards. We use only the best materials, including windows with the Good Housekeeping Seal, bringing you window solutions that last for years to come.

Be sure to ask us about the $299 double-hung window installation deal we offer. You won’t want to miss out on that unbeatable price!

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